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Restaurant services

Our restaurant provides a number of different services. Below you can see a full list of services. Leave an application if you have any questions.
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Our Services

Restaurant services

The buffet
Options for organizing a buffet:

- Comprehensive buffet catering services.

If you need professional help with menu planning, NOT disposable tableware, table setting, waiter service, housekeeping, or additional services, then this buffet catering option is the best fit.
- Express catering - delivery of buffet dishes.

If you have a planned event at the office, at home or in nature, and you only need a delivery of dishes for a buffet table on high quality disposable tableware and disposable tableware, then the Express-catering is ideal. You choose dishes, our driver delivers them to you at the agreed time, set the tables by yourself - the buffet table is ready! Very economical and fast variant of carrying out of action. If necessary, you can always add a waiter's service to your order for food delivery.

- Ready-made solutions for a stand-up party.

If the event is very soon and you do not have time for a long selection of dishes and forming an order, you can always use professionally selected ready sets for a buffet table for a different number of people. This is the fastest and most economical way to organize a buffet table. Choose a suitable set or several sets, and we will prepare the dishes and deliver them to you in such a way that it will be enough just to put them on the table and invite guests to taste the treats.

Complex of the "classic" catering services.

Professional selection of the menu you need, serving, decoration, waiters service, cooking food and beverages for individual orders.
Chef master classes
Both group and individual. Both adults and children's.
The chef together with you will prepare dishes and tell the secrets of cooking.
Show Program with a visit to you
Show Program with a visit to your event.
Dancing, vocals, magician, animator, photographer - everything is possible!
Cooking and serving at your event
Catering of your event with our chefs and waiters.
Invitation-only Event
Closed event only for those who have an invitation
Fire show and gastro show from chef.
At your event or in the restaurant, the chef will prepare a dish (on your choice) in front of you and guests and will tell the subtleties and secrets of its cooking.
Wine сazino
Only for people not younger 18 years old
Hooka with professional preparation
Only for people not younger 18 years old
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Alcoholic products presented on the website, can be purchased only at a stationary trading place.
Retail sale is carried out on the basis of a license for retail trade of alcoholic beverages №74РПО0003073 from 23d of january2019.

We do not deliver alcoholic beverages. A ban on remote retail sale of alcoholic beverages is established by Federal Law No. 171-FZ of 22.11.1995 "On state regulation of the production and circulation of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products and on limiting the consumption (drinking) of alcoholic beverages".
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